M.Phil Project Center is a unit of AG Groups

M.Phil Project Center (AG) has set up research institutes to mobilize the knowledge resources available for research and to come up with innovative solutions. The research institutes are operational in Chennai and Mannargudi. Each of these centers is focused on a niche research area(s) to collectively address a wide variety of problems. These centers are interlinked, interoperated, and are virtually located.

The centers function in a cooperative manner to identify and initiate foundational multi-disciplinary research and applied research projects, create and combine patentable Intellectual Property (IP) components, design and develop prototypes and proof of concepts, manage and market products and solutions (through know-how transferred incubated companies), and win and work to deliver funded research projects.


Comprising the highly skilled and devoted team of experts, we at M.Phil Project Center are renowned to deliver remarkable support in the domain of engineering research guidance and Ph.D. / M.Phil Research Work and Project Thesis Writing in Chennai and Mannargudi. We also deal with n-n assistance the research students emerging from the engineering / Arts &Science / Law segment. Our major assistance comprises of writing support for the research proposal in the domain of Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, data mining, web mining, embedded, networking, image processing, medical image processing, Data Analytics, Predictive Analysis, and Data Visualization.

We are a reliable partner extending help in Ph.D. / M.Phil Research Paper Guidance for Journal Paper Writing along with fabrication and publishing of the papers in various conferences, international journals, Scopus indexed journals, Annexure I listed journals, a web of Science listed journals, etc.

M.Phil Project Center is your one stop caterer for Ph.D. / M.Phil Research Work and Project Thesis Writing, Survey Paper Writing, Conference paper writing, Scopus standard of paper writing along with IEEE standard of paper writing and a renderer of highly efficient and customized projects satisfying the patrons to the core.


Establish state-of-the-art multi-disciplinary, inter-disciplinary and co-disciplinary research institute in a dynamic, competitive and vibrant environment.


  • Provide excellent research culture and infrastructure
  • Serve as a platform for strong interdisciplinary collaborations and knowledge sharing
  • Publish papers in high-quality journals of international repute
  • Create quality human resources for scientific research
  • Promote industrial collaborations involving active and mutually beneficial R & D projects
  • Make M.Phil Project Center Research Institute a renowned institute




M.Phil Project Center trives to provide scientific, industrial research and development that maximizes the economic & environmental and social benefit for the people of India. AG, with its complement of 10,000 highly qualified scientific & technical personnel, is among the largest R&D organization in the world for scientific and industrial research.